I’m Fiona McLaren and I’m a Scottish children’s author writing about magic and secrets, witches and ghosts, and the blurred line where fantasy and reality meet (or collide!). The characters that live in my head are equal parts bold, whimsical, misunderstood, diverse, and in search of answers. Answers to what? To anything and everything.

My hope is that one day my writing will make you think as much as it does me!

I also work as a full time editor with Reedsy, helping to bring both traditionally published and indie authors to success.

Fiona xox

More About Me

Raised in the mystical and intriguing wilds of Scotland, Fiona grew up with stories that defied gravity. Then, with her heart corralled by a strapping Greek Cypriot, she now meanders the beaches, hills, and hidden nooks and crannies of the myth-laden island of Cyprus. And just like the Scottish legends have their kelpie water horses… Fiona has her own, and his name is Roger. And as a girl made of Scottish rock and lore, and strengthened by Cypriot myth and legend, she wouldn’t be complete without a trusty dog or two roaming through…

Fiona supports Epilepsy Awareness and Fibromyalgia Awareness.