40 thoughts on “PITCH LIVE

  1. Oh cool. I love that you're doing a horror story in a labyrinth setting. I actually just posted my story description yesterday for the first time (it is also takes place in a labyrinth).
    I love the way you describe the catalyst, that your character gets “sucked into the stonework”… Neat!

    I like it. Good luck ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Nice! Love the feel, the music, the choice of images.

    One small suggestion: at 12-14 seconds in, when you have the genre and word count show up, it's difficult to read because of the dark words on the dark background. Maybe outline the words? Doesn't have to be white, a light grey might work, but right now they're really hard to see, and they're a kinda important part of the pitch.


  3. Hi Fiona,

    Your video pitch is delightfully creepy, lol. The black and white was a nice touch, very moody. Also loved your intonation on “Jack the Ripper” and “Mr. Hyde”, it was… disturbing, but in a good way. Sounds like you've got an awesome gothic mashup here, I'd definitely read something like this โ€” great job!

    John Krissilas, #40


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