Halloween Agent Surprise!

Well, it’s finally happened and the timing couldn’t be better!  It is Halloween, my all-time favourite holiday of the year (I mean, it’s just so creative – how could it not be amazing?) and I have just signed the contract with my new LITERARY AGENT!  I am now officially represented by the amazing Jamie Bodnar Drowley of the Corvisiero Agency.

So, how did it all happen?

I entered a contest called PitMad that I’d heard about from the wonderful blog run by Brenda Drake (seriously, check it out – http://brenleedrake.blogspot.co.uk/).  Basically, every writer on twitter in search of an agent went on to the #PitMad hashtag and tweeted the pitch of their book in under 140 characters.  Interested agents would request anything that caught their eye.

I was lucky enough to get multiple requests on two of my books.  I sent the requested materials away as soon as I could hit SEND.

I waited.  A few weeks later I received a form rejection from Corvisiero.  Oh well, I thought, shrugging it off and thinking “maybe next time”.  I continued to send out queries.  The next day, I received an email from one of the agents at Corvisiero saying that they had been passed my manuscript from a co-worker and they really loved the opening – could I send more?

So, with heart thumping in my chest, I sent my full book to Jamie.  At that time, I had several full requests out with other agencies.  I just couldn’t believe I had another one.

And then everything started to happen.  I silently stalked Jamie on twitter (sorry about that!) and watched in trepidation to see whether she might tweet any clues about the manuscripts she was reading (oh come on, you know we’ve all done it!).

Then I received an innocuous little email saying “Can I ask you a few questions?  Can I call you?”

So, we set up a Skype call.  Jamie talked to me briefly about word count and suggested lengthening the book.  Then…she OFFERED!

I was blown away.  Here was this lovely, smart, industry professional wanting to represent me!  After squealing like a stuck pig on the phone and declaring something along the lines of “sorry, I’m excited, I talk fast and I’m Scottish”, I asked for a few days to let everything digest.  She graciously allowed me some time to think over her offer.

Those few days were the most exciting and the most challenging of my writing career to date.  I received other offers from amazing agents, but in the end I had to go with my gut.  Jamie was just so full of enthusiasm for my work and I was really impressed with her encouraging attitude.  She made a point of letting me know I had to make the right choice for ME and for my work.  Aside from being extremely personable and easy to talk to, she really sold me on the agency itself.  And if she can sell me then I trust her to sell my work.

So today, a little magic came into my life.  Halloween sprinkled some fairy dust my way and I signed my contract with Jamie and Marisa of Corvisiero Agency.

15 thoughts on “Halloween Agent Surprise!

  1. It couldn't have happened to a better person! You are fabulous and deserve this… It won't be long, I'll be passing a shelf in my local B&N and there will be my CPs book – right there on the shelf (hopefully just down from mine :)))) Congratualtions! To both you and Jamie at Corvisiero Agency.


  2. Wahoo! So excited for you my dear! 🙂 (And us ;)) Haha. It's a race to see who gets the offer first! The awesome part is no matter who gets the offer first we all win. We're agent sistas!!! 😉


  3. Thanks so much! And the same back to you! It's SO thrilling, isn't it? And the race is on for sure – we're all going to rock it out! I love that Corvisiero authors are so friendly and awesome! Go agent sistas! ❤


  4. Hey Becca! So glad you had a chance to check out my blog. I'm very excited to have signed with Jamie. It's been a long road but a very worthwhile one. How are things with you? 🙂


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