Pitch Wars – Welcome to the dark side!

It’s time to strap on your handgun, don your cross and sharpen your blades – it’s submission time for Pitch Wars!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to pick three mentors to submit your completed MS to.  Your secret mission if you are a YA or NA writer is to submit to me…

If you are a YA or NA writer…congratulations.  Here’s your war mask…you’re going to need it…  Read on for more information on what I want, who I am and why I should be your mentor:

So, you’ve decided to continue?  Be warned, this path is not for the faint hearted.  Your mentor is looking for a manuscript that has a spark of something different, something unique, something that no one else has.  She doesn’t expect a perfect manuscript.  She doesn’t expect flawless technique.  But she craves that extra something that sends tingles down her spine and lifts the hair on the back of her neck.  She is looking for something truly unusual and unique.

If you think you’ve got a manuscript that no one else has, then join me – if you dare – down the path to Pitch Wars mentoring…

So who am I, what am I looking for specifically, and why should I be your mentor?

**Amended to add: Don’t forget, I’m all up for thrillers, mysteries, Sherlock Holmes style work, action and adventure**

Fiona is looking for Young Adult and New Adult authors with a gripping tale to tell that verges on the dark side.  Brownie points go to those manuscripts that can send a shiver up her spine.  The specific genre doesn’t really matter (she’ll take anything from steampunk to sci-fi, Gothic to contemporary)…what’s really important is what makes the book tick.

The author that grabs Fiona’s heart will be a dark and wondrous soul.  Fiona loves anything with dark, gritty elements and disturbing, unsettling or just plain weird overtones.  Think freak shows, gargoyles, midnight shadows and rattling bones.  She has a penchant for horror and creepy mysteries, but won’t say no to something that’s equally delicious but not in those particular genres.

Although open to any genre, she does prefer work with an underlying creepy air that permeates the pages.  Give her something that has got its freak on and you might just win her over.

The only genre Fiona is not particularly interested in is ROMANCE.  Unless you have a dark, Gothic style romance or something so damn different it would blow her away, you’re best to send your light and fluffies elsewhere.

So, if you have a dark side…welcome aboard…

Why should you choose me as your mentor?

Fiona McLaren is represented by the Corvisiero Literary Agency for her YA contemporary novel. She also enjoys writing YA Gothic horror and dark fantasy. She interns with Holloway Literary Agency, scanning the slush for hidden gems and reviewing any full mss sent her way. She also works as a freelance writer, ghost writing for a variety of clients, and has over three hundred publications under her belt – including articles, short scripts, historical fiction novels, children’s books and short stories.

She loves to edit – character arc, plot arc, line edit, conceptual…whatever it takes.  She believes that critiquing is a teamwork operation and that staying true to the author’s vision is as important as making the book as commercially ready as it can be.  Critiquing with Fiona is all about communication.

You can get to know Fiona better as @BookOmnivore on Twitter. See you on the Pitch Wars hashtag! 

Pssst….if you can find the hidden link on this post, you might just be able to find out a few handy tips for querying Fiona…

Submissions start today (11/26) ! The cut off time to get your applications (query & first five pages of manuscript) in is 8AM EST on December 5.

Send your applications to brendadrakecontests@gmail.com. Writers can apply for up to 3 coaches. The coaches’ categories are set. Coaches can only consider the categories they’ve signed up for. Writers cannot apply for a coach that is not in their category. For additional information about this contest go HERE (http://yabookcase.blogspot.co.uk/2012/11/pitch-wars.html) ·

This is open to finished manuscripts only.

You may only enter one manuscript.

Only the genres requested by each coach will be considered for the contest.


Subject line: Pitch Wars Application: Coach Name you want to apply for:
Title (Example: Pitch Wars Application: Fiona McLaren: SUPER AWESOME TITLE)
Name: Your Name
Genre: The genre of your manuscript
Word Count: The word count of your manuscript
Query letter here (embedded in email). Single spaced. No indentions. A space between each paragraph. First five pages of the manuscript here (embedded in email). Single spaced. No indentions. A space between each paragraph.

REMINDER: You can send an application for up to 3 coaches. Check back soon for a complete list of the amazing agents participating in the contest. There’s over a dozen!

Today all the coaches are posting bios/wish lists on their blogs. So before choosing your top 3 picks, check all the coaches’ posts in your category before deciding which coach to submit. To jump from blog to blog, just click on our pictures below.  (Then, because you know you should, come back and submit to me!).
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6 thoughts on “Pitch Wars – Welcome to the dark side!

  1. How do you feel about romance elements in the MS versus straight up romance? I know you said you don't want romance…so I was curious how you feel about an MS with some romance elements?
    And I am so wishing one of my other projects was ready to go because I feel like it would be such a good fit. dark and creepy. grrrrr.


  2. I am absolutely fine with romantic elements (my own work has them). I'm just not keen on the whole category romance thing as it feels so predictable. So to answer your question – romantic elements in an MS are A OK.


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