Kelley Lynn – Author Interview!

Today I have the great pleasure of interviewing the exceedingly awesome Kelley Lynn, author of FRACTION OF STONE a YA Fantasy to be released March 2013, from Sapphire Star Publishing!

Okay, so here goes:

1.  So, you’re a writer…how did that come about?  Where did it all start?

Well, I’d like to be able to say I’ve wanted to be a writer since I was a wee lass, but that is not the case. July of 2011 I finished my first book which was really just something I was doing for fun, and thought, “What now?” I Googled how to ‘publish a book’ and this insane journey began.

2.  You’re represented by the awesome Corvisiero Agency – talk us through the process, from query to offer of representation.  How did it all happen?

The book that the wonderful Jamie Bodnar Drowley is representing is called ALREADY THERE (YA Contemporary) and is a collaboration project between Jenny Morris and myself. We submitted this piece to Brittany Booker at the Corvisiero Agency. She connected with it on such a level that when she offered us representation we knew she was meant to represent this book. The book has had great success on submission so far, Brittany is truly a great agent. Brittany decided, not too long ago, to leave the agency so Jenny and I resubmitted in the hopes we could find someone at Corvisiero who was as passionate about it as Brittany was. Jamie contacted us and Jen and I immediately knew she had the same love for ALREADY THERE as Brittany did.

3.  Of course, we’d all love to know about your book.  What’s your elevator pitch?

For Charlotte “Charlie” Grace, a post-high school road trip isn’t just a vacation – it’s a chance to change her life. While her parents think Charlie is helping a friend move into her college apartment, the real reason to pack the four best friends into one BMW and drive from Chicago to LA is a singing competition. First place wins a recording contract.

No one needs this contract more than Charlie, whose only talent is singing on stage. So she’s willing to accept her father’s two conditions for going: her sixteen-year-old, super annoying, uber responsible sister, Lucy, must tag along. And the sisters have to visit their grandparent’s ranch in Sherman, Texas.

But when the girl’s singing group loses the competition, Charlie’s world falls flatter than Lucy’s chest. She can’t go home to a life with no future and a father waiting to ground her barely-adult ass. So Charlie convinces her parents to let her and Lucy spend the summer at their grandparent’s. After all, they used stay there often. Years ago. When they had some things remotely in common.

Though the ranch was a last resort, it might be what the two girls need. Amidst the dung filled horse stalls, down-home cookin’, and drool worthy ranch hands, clarity for Charlie and Lucy’s futures, as well as their relationship, bubbles to the surface. It’s not something they find. It’s something they realize is already there.

4.  Do you have plans for another WIP?  Any top secret clues about what it might involve?

Haha. MANY ideas for future works. I’m currently finishing up a YA Science Fiction that I can’t wait to get into Jamie’s hands. I also worked on two collab projects for NaNo, a YA Fantasy and YA Contemporary with the amazing Jessica Salyer and Cassie Mae, respectively. So any or all of those could work. haha

5.  What’s your biggest advice to new writers?

Biggest? I guess that means I only get one, huh? Critique. That’s my biggest one. Critique LOTS of other writer’s works. Not only will this help you network with other writers and get LOTS of feedback on your writing, but I truly believe the best way to improve is by critiquing other’s work.

6.  Can we bribe you into telling us how many rejections you received before you got The Call?

You don’t need to bribe me.  Three manuscripts went through the submission process before FRACTION OF STONE (Sapphire Star Publishing, March 3013) got a yes. Two weeks after I got ‘the call’ from SSP I got the call from the Corvisiero agency for ALREADY THERE. It was an AMAZING July 2012. So how many rejections? 100. That might be on the low side

7.  If you could describe your agent in an elevator pitch, how would you do it?

Jamie is driven and passionate, not only about our story, but about her role as a literary agent. In the short time we’ve known her she has done everything to assure us this relationship is for the long haul. That we will build our successes together. I truly believe she will do everythingto help our careers. (Not to mention she is SUPER cool. She’s an Author, Agent, Orthodontist, Mother, Military Wife, Air Force Veteran, Animal Rescuer. This woman can do anything. Selling our book should be a synch. )

8.  Are you a panster or an outliner?

Panster. Unless I’m writing with Jenny Morris in which case I’m forced to be a little bit of an outliner.

9.  Tell us something we don’t know about your characters…

Lucy is amazing at the piano and is the most insecure 16 year old you could ever meet.

10.  If you weren’t a writer, what would you be?

Well, for my nine to five I’m a Technical Service Chemist. A Chemical Engineer by degree. I really do like it. I think I would also like to be a teacher. A full time writer would be so awesome though.
The YA Bookcase would like to say a HUGE thank you to Kelley for taking the time to talk to us.

To find out more about Kelley’s work, check out her blog

38 thoughts on “Kelley Lynn – Author Interview!

  1. Your agents sounds like super woman. Bet she gets your book with a publisher in to time. Can't wait for Fraction of A stone and I'd totally collaborate with you on a book in the future if the opportunity ever presented itself. This was a great interview and I can't wait to see interviews for Kelley in the future.


  2. Cute Kelley. She's so adorable. I'm stoked for all of her adventures. Thanks for such a fun highlight, Fiona! (And new follower… love your blog…) 🙂


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