Episode Four – Rejections

Hi!  Welcome back to the Vlog series: How to Attract The Right Agent.

This is the fourth episode out of six in the series.  If you’ve missed the first three, you can find them here:

Episode One – Finding The Agent For You

Episode Two – How To Craft An Attention Grabbing Query

Episode Three – Partial And Full Requests

This week’s episode looks at what to do when/if you get a rejection.

Happy watching, and I look forward to seeing you for next week’s instalment! Comments or questions below!

5 thoughts on “Episode Four – Rejections

  1. Fiona McLaren says:

    Hi Keeley! I honestly think that rejections are precious and can teach a writer so much. God knows I had enough in my time in the query trenches. They can make you want to cry, but they honestly are worth their weight in gold.


  2. Keely Hutton says:

    Jane Yolen recently posted about how she still gets rejections. She wrote, “A No is still a Know.” She takes what knowledge/suggestions she can from the rejections and gets back to work. Love Jane! And it's comforting to know she still gets rejections. Means we're all in good company. 🙂


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