Episode Four – Rejections

Hi!  Welcome back to the Vlog series: How to Attract The Right Agent.

This is the fourth episode out of six in the series.  If you’ve missed the first three, you can find them here:

Episode One – Finding The Agent For You

Episode Two – How To Craft An Attention Grabbing Query

Episode Three – Partial And Full Requests

This week’s episode looks at what to do when/if you get a rejection.

Happy watching, and I look forward to seeing you for next week’s instalment! Comments or questions below!

5 thoughts on “Episode Four – Rejections

  1. Hi Keeley! I honestly think that rejections are precious and can teach a writer so much. God knows I had enough in my time in the query trenches. They can make you want to cry, but they honestly are worth their weight in gold.


  2. Jane Yolen recently posted about how she still gets rejections. She wrote, “A No is still a Know.” She takes what knowledge/suggestions she can from the rejections and gets back to work. Love Jane! And it's comforting to know she still gets rejections. Means we're all in good company. 🙂


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