Vlog Series – Episode Five – Revise & Resubmit

Hi!  It’s time for the next episode in the Vlog series: How to Attract The Right Agent.

Welcome to Episode Five – Revise & Resubmit, where we’ll be looking at what to do if an agent asks you to revise your manuscript and send it back to them for further consideration.

If you missed the previous episodes, you can check them out here:

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Happy viewing!

4 thoughts on “Vlog Series – Episode Five – Revise & Resubmit

  1. Excellent vlog, Fiona! I once attended a talk given by Linda Sue Park, in which she addressed how she handles revision requests, whether they be from her editor, agent, or CP. She said that even if she flat out disagrees with the direction the revision suggestion will lead her story, she always tries it. She may not revise the whole manuscript, but she will apply the suggestion to a page or chapter. Without fail, she said she always gains something from the exercise. Since then, I've used her approach. Based on suggestions from my CPs, I once wrote two new beginning chapters to a WIP. I ended up cutting all fifteen pages of the writing except for one line that I loved. It became the first line of a new chapter that would never had been written if I'd dismissed my CPs' revision suggestion. What I learned is that it can't hurt to try a suggested revision. At worst, even if you scrap it all, in the end you've still honed your writing skills. At best, you come away with an improved manuscript and renewed vision for your story, which is what a revision should be: a re-vision.I was once told to be a writer you need an open mind, big ears, and thick skin. I completely agree, but would also add you need a big smile. People, who take the time to read, think about, and respond to our stories are doing so because they want to help improve our stories and writing. Even if they pass on the project, they still deserve our gratitude.Thank you again for sharing your insights into the writing/publishing process. 🙂 



  2. I finally got a chance to watch your vlog series and I'm so glad I did. What really hit home for me were your thoughts on subjectivity, both when it comes to rejection and revising and resubmitting.

    When I used to get feedback from CPs, contests, and (on those lovely rare occasions) agents, I would scramble to apply everything, and I'd freak out when some of the advice was conflicting. It's so true that some opinions hold more weight than others, and it's best to use my own judgement instead of trying to listen EVERYONE who drops a line of feedback my way. I know I still have so much to learn about this industry.

    I can't wait to hear your thoughts on getting an offer, and I hope they'll come in handy one day. 🙂


  3. I think that's a wonderful way of looking at things. Sometimes people get so stuck to their own ideas that they limit themselves by not experimenting with other perspectives. At the end of the day, what harm can it do if you try something new? At worst, you can change it back to what you had before. At best, you learn something or find a follow on idea.


  4. Hi! So glad you came to watch the series and that you gained something from it. Subjectivity is so important. I also love the comment above from Keely. Every suggestion can open your mind in a new direction, so watch out for the avenue your own mind explores which comes from someone giving you a new idea!


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