What is Rocking My Boat?

Okay, so I’m thigh deep in Pitch Wars submissions right now, and I’m LOVING every second of it.  However, I know you guys are chomping at the bit for the 11th to roll around, so I thought I’d post a few teasers as to what is rocking my boat right now.  But, oh, how to choose?  I want you all to stay on the boat!

So, what’s staying on board so far?

1)  The unusual – quirky retellings, LGBT, verse, graphic, and foklore, and contemp narratives with a twist.

2)  Surprisingly, sci-fi is doing well.

3)  Beautiful, languid prose.

4)  Concept, concept, concept in mysteries & thrillers.  Wow, you guys.  Wow.

5)  Some male writers are really making a splash.  There’s a high percentage of men in my maybe file.

6)  Banana writers.  I was right to include this secret word, as those writers are showing PHENOMENAL skills in detail.

Okay, so those are the main things that really have me singing.  I have a very unusual mixture of genres and writers in my Top Ten file at the moment and picking out who I want is going to be so hard.  Really hard.  Each book is so individually talented in its own way, that it’s going to come down to the nitty gritty.  I’m going to have to compare the agent wish lists to what I’ve picked out and weigh that into my decisions.


I have requested more information from various people.  Sometimes chapters, sometimes synopses, sometimes just to answer a question.  However, there are a few of my favourites I haven’t contacted because they already gave me everything I needed to know.

Got any questions?  Fire away in the comments…

25 thoughts on “What is Rocking My Boat?

  1. Haha, no! I just meant that those could describe a lot of mss, so it doesn't necessarily help mentees figure out if it means them or not. But all of the mentors are talented at giving vague references to keep us mentees guessing. LOL. Your tweets and posts have been super helpful in an improve-your-writing way, though! ❤


  2. Thank you for posting this, Fiona. Good luck with moving forward with your selection process. It has to be extremely difficult for you and the rest of the mentors to choose with so many strong and varied entries. Hang in there! We'll all still love you on the 11th. 🙂


  3. Thanks for taking the time to do this, Fiona, especially considering how busy you already are. Good luck as you move forward. Hopefully your fridge is well-stocked with Coke. Something tells me you might need that caffeine.


  4. How exciting! It's wonderful to know there are so many great writers about to be discovered. This is very encouraging!

    I'd always seen Becoming Hook as part graphic novel, novel, and part script form (screen/movie writing). Alas, graphic novel illustrations are not something I've perfected!


  5. So, 1.) doesn't match my manuscript.
    2.) I don't write Scifi either
    3.) Don't think so.
    4.) While *I* *think* my concept is “wow” I don't know what others think.
    5.) I'm female, so there's that.
    6.) I have no idea if I'm a banana writer or not.

    Very interesting list. So I'm off to make some banana splits. No, this weather calls for more coffee:)


  6. It's so hard to be subjective about your own work. Sometimes I CP and my critique partner comes back and goes “really, you thought that?”. So it's interesting to see what other people's perspectives can be!


  7. Thank you so much for posting this! It's so nice to see parts of the behind the scene action in PitchWars. It helps all of us writers waiting for December 11th to get by 🙂
    It's also really nice to have hope!


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