Pitch Wars WINNER!

*drum roll*

The day is here.  The long slog to the 11th is finally over.  At last, worn, battle scarred, and beaten, the mentors can finally announce their picks for Pitch Wars 2013.

And so, without further ado, I’m going to announce my Pitch Wars Winner!!

Please congratulate JORDAN TEOS with her amazing manuscript MERLIN’S FLIGHT.

I gotta say, boys and girls, the premise and the opening pages for this book totally hooked me.  So much so, I didn’t even have to request more pages to know that this was the one.  I can’t wait to work with this very talented author.  I know we’re going to haul an amazing result!

And let’s not forget the most awesome of awesome alternates!
My first alternate is the amazing Rachel Horwitz with her compelling YA sci-fi IF SKYSCRAPERS HAD SECRETS.
And my second alternate is JOCELYN RISH with the fun, voice filled YA mystery THE DRAMA QUEEN WHO CRIED WOLF.

To all my other wonderful submissions – I am so sorry I couldn’t pick you all.  You truly put up a brave and wonderful fight.  I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to read your work and be trusted with your words.  It wasn’t lack of merit that made me choose another…it was lack of spaces available.  Please keep me posted on your books’ future success, and feel free to email or message me if you have any questions or comments!

And now…into the fray we go, my trusty mentees and me!


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