Meet Roger!

*** 2017 Update: Roger’s turned 13!!! And learned some new tricks…more to come later!

Hi everyone,

Since the blog started, I’ve written about a lot of literary topics – writing, books, agents, editors, competitions, cover reveals, the list goes on!  However, today I am taking a major diversion from those topics and taking some time to invite you into the best part of my life.  I want you all to meet the absolute core of my heart…Roger!

Now is Roger a man?  A friend?  A husband?  Well, no.  Actually, THIS is Roger…

This is my baby.  I’ve had him since he was a little tyke and now that he’s nearing ten, I wanted to introduce you to the best 10 years of my life.  🙂

So what can I tell you about Roger?

First of all…this is baby Roger…He likes Monster Munch crisps:

And this is him getting saddled!

And here he is learning how to ride with his momma!

And here’s Roger learning how to drive a horse and trap:

And here he is in his big boy’s carriages:

And when Roger learned his job, he wanted to teach others too.  Here are my nieces learning how to drive the carriage!

And then he wanted to teach them to ride too!

And my nephew!

Roger is a Friesian (not the cow!) cross Irish Cob.  For horsey people, he’s 15.2hh.  For non horsey people, it means he’s as wide as he is high.  😉

The reason he’s so important to me, is that he has been through everything with me – buying my first house, coming to stay at my work, travelling 2500 miles across the world to live in Cyprus, helping me start my first horse riding school, letting me break him in to drive and ride.  One thing I love about Roger is he’s the little horse that can.  People tell you that carriage horses don’t make good show horses.  Here he is winning the Heart Of England reserve championship for the year:

People say carriage horses aren’t that good to ride.  Well look at him go!  And for what it’s worth, Roger has won his dressage classes all the way up to Novice!

They say they can’t jump.  Look at him go…(and yes, he’s won every jumping contest he’s been in, right up to the meter class!)

And he does XC too (this was his first ever XC jump.  He went on to win every class up to novice – in fact, he’s never lost a class!):

The list is endless.  This little horse does everything you ask.  He’s taken disabled riders, able riders, children and adults.  He’s even taken my very good friend’s baby on his first ride (now isn’t that cute!!!?).  And for those who are worried about a baby on a horse – Roger is 100% safe, his mother is an excellent rider, and I worked riding for the disabled and owned a riding school, so I can assure you he is perfectly safe).

So is this all Roger has to offer?  Oh gosh no.  There is so much.  He let us learn gymnastics on horse back with him:

He even pulled a raft through the flooded forest and let us take our saddles off while jumping!

But what is it I love most about Roger?  It’s his wonderful, loving spirit and his amazing sense of humor!  He loves to make people laugh.  Everything from stealing phones and brushes and hiding them under his hay to opening the stables and letting all his friends out.  He’s been loose at a show and went to eat at the ice cream van, and he’s dragged bales of hay hundreds of meters to hide them in the stable.  You wouldn’t believe what this boy gets up to!

He loves to dress up:

And he knows how to bow:

I could go on forever (and a day!) and I still couldn’t fit in all that makes Roger the most wonderful part of my life.  He is my angel and from lying in his stable when he’s not well and cuddling him, to competing and winning cross country events, he does everything anyone asks with a smile and a good sense of humor.  So welcome to the very core of my heart.  He is the reason I do everything.  HE is the reason I write.  Because if he can do all that, then I can do this.

What’s at your core?

Roger is mine:

14 thoughts on “Meet Roger!

  1. Thank you so much, Erika! He really is my heart and soul. I wish everyone could come and meet him. I'm just incredibly proud of him for everything that he's become. To think he was going to the sales fair because he wasn't wanted. I'm so glad I snapped him up! ❤


  2. Ah! I'm so happy you did a blog post on Roger! I'm glad you snapped him up, too. I can FEEL your passion and love for him coming through in this post and it is heartwarming and amazing. It is incredible that you two found each other. They should make a Disney movie about Roger; I'd totally be the first one in line! Thank you for sharing him with us. 🙂


  3. Awww, thank you! He's my little poppet. And he's the best part of my day, every day. He always makes me happy, no matter what mood I'm in! Thank you for stopping over to read about him. It makes me so proud he gets to meet everyone. And yes, I will read him the comments when I get to the stables!! And ooh for Disney! He'd want to play the part of a cow though, as he's a dunce! lol


  4. I LOVE THIS POST! It reminds me sooo much of my Alex and her Joe… especially that shot of you doing gymnastic moves on his back! He's sooo smart and wonderful, BECAUSE he has you… it's you two together that make you both so radiant! So happy you have him and that he has you. Give him big snurgles from Texas. 🙂


  5. This story made my morning! And I love how many different things Roger and you aren't afraid to try. My childhood was spent with a barrel racing pony that wanted to learn dressage. We succeeded, and had a lot of fun.
    Thanks for sharing such a cheerful story!


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