Rejection? Brush it off…

Rejection is a bummer.  A slap you in the face, rock your world, make you want to burn your writing bummer.  It happens to all of us.  Every single one of us.  And it hurts.  It hurts so bad your throat aches as you struggle to get breath out.  Or you scream at the laptop that whoever rejected you should go to you know where.  I know that, I feel your pain.

And then you get up, dust yourself off, and paste on your “I’m professional so won’t react like this in public, but you’re killing me” face and get back on the grindstone.

I know this.

How do I know?

Because I have been where you are in EPIC ways.  I wrote and subbed my first book (Adult crime) at 16.  I sent it direct to publishers.  They were nice and humoured the idiot child.  Obviously, that book didn’t go anywhere.

I then spent the next 16 years writing – I wrote 9 full books.  I wrote 7 in varying stages as well.  I subbed 7 books out of all of these.  The rejections flooded in.  The full requests flooded in.  Rejections flooded in.  Rinse and repeat for a long, long time.  Like a LONG LONG TIME.  Years and years.

At times I threw a complete fit.  Seriously.  I threatened never to write again.  I stopped writing for 2 years.  One day I got a rejection that broke the camel’s back and I sobbed (ugly sobs) for way too long.

Eventually, I’d dust myself off and start again.  Some wonderful agents gave me fantastic advice (one in particular I emailed the day I got my agent and I thanked her for being amazing towards me).

My rejections numbered in the hundreds.  High hundreds.

And I struggled with this a lot.  Especially as I’m a full time freelance writer and I ghost write.  So why couldn’t I get an agent?

And then I entered PitMad.  And I got requests.  And then…I got offers!

I didn’t do a happy dance at my offer.  I didn’t fist pump.  I didn’t shout yeah!

I sat.

In total silence.

Stunned and in shock.

16 years.  16 years of the hardest work of my life.

And I got my agent – the wonderful, amazing Jamie Bodnar Drowley who gets me.  And loves my work.  And has faith in me.  And the wonderful part is I know if I can do it, anyone with patience, persistence, and a belief that they want their work out there can do it.

 So chosen or not for Pitch Wars, I salute you, I support you, and if you need me, you only need to give me a tweet!

2 thoughts on “Rejection? Brush it off…

  1. Good for you. I understand perseverance. I've been working on my YA thriller since… well, let's just say I was a lot younger when I started it. (In fact, you looked at it as an add-on for last year's Pitch Wars.)

    I submitted it this year, and got no takers. But LOTS of good feedback. So I'm back at it, revising the book I was SURE was good three years ago.


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