What in the world?

So here’s the thing, as a writer I’m pretty much fascinated by…well, everything really. And my current obsession of the moment is quantum physics and quantum mechanics.

Nooooo wait…don’t run….

It’s actually pretty interesting. I mean, something that can tell you about the ten dimensions (and maybe even an 11th), how our world might just be one big hologram, that time isn’t regular and gets slower the faster you move, and how you can have two entangled particles that can communicate over huuuuuuge distances with no physical connection between them? Come on, you can’t say that’s not super cool.

Btw – if you want to know what the strange cat picture is all about, check it out here.
It’s relevant, I promise (picture from a paradox!). And I think it’s pretty cool!

Right. So, where am I going with all this? Two places, actually. First of all, if quantum mechanics is actually right about all the things it predicts and postulates, then where does that leave us?

Is the universe a hologram?
Was it intentionally designed by a creator or did it just go bang?
Are we able to teleport (the answer is we’ve done a small teleportation already)?

Woah. Those thoughts make my mind spin…and get excited about new book ideas!

Then there’s this other thing…the second place it takes me. I’m no science expert or math whizz (my microwave counts better than I do!), but I am in possession of a curious mind. Watching a plethora of quantum physics documentaries (let’s face it, I will not survive a textbook – too many numbers and squiggly lines) got my brain clicking in a writerly fashion. And then I did that thing all writers do… OOOH! Look! Another YouTube video to watch on something else…

In my case, Albert Einstein’s brain (isn’t it wonderful what you can find on the internet?).

Now this post might just look like a big jumbled post of random thoughts to you

And you’d be half right.

Yes, it is stream of consciousness. But that doesn’t mean it’s without purpose. It’s purpose is clear: it’s to challenge what you think, what you consider, what means something to you, how the creative brain works.

So, if you’ve got any spiffy answers for my posed questions on how the world works, or you’ve got some spiffy ideas or comments on anything that takes your fancy, well, don’t be shy!

Alrighty. I’m going to go and see if my hologram can make dinner.

P.S. If you’ve got any awesome links to anything interesting then what are you waiting for? That’s why we have comments 😉 lol

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