What do you need help with?

Since it seems that my last post offering to help on elevator pitches was useful to some of you, I’ve decided to start a “thing“. But in order to do this “thing” I’m going to need some input from you guys.

So here’s what I’m thinking:

Once a month I’m going to do a post that will help critique some part of writing for followers of my blog. One month it might be queries, the next first lines, the next…well you get the idea.

So where do I need your help?

Why, for ideas of what you would like to see critiqued. Are there specific areas of your writing you’d like to be checked over? Is it a snippet of dialogue? A symbolism aspect? Description?

I’d be happy to do excerpts of up to 250 words on any aspect you want. All I need to know is what you guys are interested in and then each month I’ll pick a topic to cover (and your request will come up one month!).

If things go well and enough people want to join in, then I might up the schedule to every two weeks (let’s see how we go).

Also, I’m going to throw up random “first chapter” critiques for random commenters. I’m going to choose them out of the comments from all the blog posts (not just the “critique” posts). Sometimes I’ll do synopsis. Some times I might even get to three chapters if time allows. If I’ve picked your comment I’ll let you know in the replies and you can email me for a critique, if you wish. If you don‘t want it, then let me know and I’ll choose someone else.

Anyway, if this is something you might be interested in, then let me know in the comments and give me some ideas of areas you’d like to have covered?

Remember: this is for me to critique your writing, not just talk about craft. And because I’m nice (I hope!), I’ll even offer to do some of them over email if you’re too nervous to see replies in public. Just let me know in the comments and we’ll set it up!

Hope you guys want to join in as I think this could be fun!


8 thoughts on “What do you need help with?

  1. I love this idea! It seems every time I edit my first chapter I fix one problem and end up with another. This time around I think I have a dreaded cliche ending. YIKES! How will I ever know if it has all the right elements and none of the dreaded ones?


  2. Critiques on the first and second chapter (Does one flow into the other properly?), synopsis, query, even the climactic points (Are the stakes high enough?, Is this point really the climax of the novel?, etc., and the ending chapter are some suggestions. Thank you.


  3. Your suggestions are fantastic (I particularly like the climatic points and whether or not the stakes are high enough). These are firmly on my list for critiquing. Stay tuned to see what comes up this week!


  4. How to get BACK into a writing project that got set aside (due to incompatible life circumstances) some time ago? Or perhaps – how to get back into 'the writing habit'?


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