One off writing contest!

Welcome to this week’s blog post! I’ve decided to get myself in gear and do weekly posts (so stick about for every Friday). I’ve also added a contact form on the pages tab. Now you can use this for any reason. Some ideas of questions you might want to ask (or things you might want to say):

1) Could you do a post on X topic?
2) Do you have any advice on X?
3) Where is the best place to find good contests or competitions?
4) Are writing conferences a good idea?
5) Can you tell me about your books (feel free!)?

Etc, etc, etc. Basically, I’m here to help you in any way I can. And if I can’t answer something, then I’ll point you in the right direction to someone who can.

Also, if you join up on the email subscription, you’ll not need to remember every Friday to check in – it’ll be straight in your inbox! Huzzah!

Right, that all said, I have a little contest going on this week, and here it is:

I have a list of 5 writing prompts. Any writer who wants to enter can choose a prompt and write a 500 word (or less) piece of flash fiction. The prize? Well, look after the prompts to see, so you can choose which one suits you:


 1) A bear, a moon landing, a girl in a red dress

 2) Doves, underground, lightning, sisters

 3) Snake, magic, palm trees, pilot

 4) Pirate, submarine, storm, television

 5) A cyborg, pink roses, war, best friends

Hopefully, these will get your mind whirring!

Now onto the prizes (the winner can choose one prize of their preference):

1) Their entry fee for the Bath Novel award paid.

2) Editing feedback on their first 1500 words.

3) An e-book or paperback of their choice (delivery times at Amazon’s discretion!!).


Just send your flash fiction through the contact form (put your preferred prize in there, too!) and I’ll announce the winner in 4 weeks time!!!

Good luck!


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