To use Scrivener or not?

I’ve been playing around with Scrivener* of late (yup, I’m very late to the party!). However, let me explain: I originally tried Scrivener a long time ago, and it just didn’t work for me. I found it overly complicated, I kept dotting from one thing to another in the binder, I couldn’t keep a continuous flow…ugh. But now? Yup, you guessed it, I’m using it! But what changed?

Quite simply, I don’t use it to write my novel. In fact, I still use MS word to type all of my chapters. However, what I do now is use Scrivener to help me keep track of my scenes, chapters, characters, etc. I don’t write the scenes in there. I just make a little card on the bulletin board, type in a few sentences about what’s in the scene, and hey presto, there’s the macro view of my novel. This is particularly helpful for me as I’m working on a multi POV novel (good plan, Fiona, good plan).

So I’m a 50/50 kind of user for Scrivener – I use it for planning and noting down what I already have, but I keep it well away from my actual writing.

What are the cons for me?

Not many, to be honest. I only use the basic functions, because to be frank, I didn’t want to spend hours going through the tutorial. However, it can be a little distracting. I have to be very conscious of not spending too much time on there.

Also, the other con for me is simply from a fussy point of view – I hate how difficult it is for me to open the files on another computer. If it doesn’t have Scrivener, I’m pretty much flummoxed.

There you have it – my thoughts on Scrivener. If you didn’t love it the first time, try using it this way. It might work, it might not, but it does for me!

Have fun!

* Scrivener is a powerful content-generation tool for writers that allows you to concentrate on composing and structuring long and difficult documents.

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