What do I do?

Today I wanted to share with you a little about what I do. Since most of you know me as an author and scriptwriter, I thought you might like to know a little more about that. So let’s start with author first.

My passion is for YA fantasy. I do love all YA and have dabbled with some other genre ideas, but fantasy tends to be the one I gravitate to. Why? I love the wonder and awe that comes alongside it. In daily life, it’s hard not to get side swiped by the mundane – bills, chores, work, etc. When I escape into writing, I want to go somewhere magical where anything is possible.

That’s why I wrote my novel A HARMONY OF STRINGS (if you want to know more, you can click on the “My books” tab above). This book was inspired by two things – quantum physics and the idea of life after death. I wondered if the two could possibly be linked and thus the endless research began. As it happens, there is some theoretical science thingies you can bastardize to fit with the idea of finding the answers to life after death. And an idea for a book was born. However, I didn’t want to do sci-fi. I wanted to do fantasy. So that led to a magic system based on quantum physics. And yes, that was a big aim lol.

Now to the other part – the day job. I was lucky enough for an independent production company to take me on as their lead scriptwriter (having little experience in the area at that time). We’ve now been working for two years together and the process continues to amaze me. There is simply SO much involved. It’s astounding. And it helps my dialogue hugely. Would I think of writing a script for my own passion though? Probably not. I love it, it inspires me, but novels are where my heart lies. Our script is based on unusual historical facts and stories, combined with word meanings. It’s kind of Horrible Histories meets the dictionary lol.

So that is me as a writer. As for anything else? I am summed up easily in a few short words:

Loves German Shepherds, horses, books, kindheartedness, the mountains, and being in the middle of nowhere.

So…what about you?

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