Love not Hate

This week is going to be a short & sweet post for my fellow writers, readers, and creative friends. We all know this is a tough time of year, and that many people feel frightened, lied to, unsettled, and at unrest. However, as much as we are all hurting, the real change starts at the grassroots level. Make sure you spread love and kindness every day.

I don’t mean just think loving thoughts – I mean do loving things. Help the person needing help. Listen to the other person’s views, even if you don’t agree with them. It will teach you how to understand, and understanding is one of the first steps towards change.

I urge creative people to make art using their words, hands, hearts, and minds to show the wonderful diversity of our world. Yes, show the anger, the frustrations, and the suppression. But don’t forget to show the love, the compassion, the fight of the human spirit. Be the person, every day, that a child will look up to and aspire to be. We may not all have the chance to do as much as we want, but we all have the choice to do what we can.

Be the person that you wish you could be. Be the person that you looked up to. We do not always have to fight with fire – though sometimes we need to – but we can all fight with love, compassion, and grace.

So my fellow artists, go and be the light our world so desperately needs. No good act is ever too small.

With love from my family to all of yours x.

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