#PitMad – for writers & readers (plus a giveaway!)


Hey YABookcasers,


I know #PitMad on Twitter is about to hit tomorrow, and that hundreds of new writers in search of agents and publishers are going to be pitching their novels in hopes of getting their books in bookstores. But not only is this a wonderful place for new writers to pitch their work, it’s a great place for readers to scan and see what trends in fiction seem to be on the rise, and what type of books to expect on the bookshelves in the coming years.

When I think of some of my favorite authors – Neil Gaiman, Marissa Myer, Tad Williams, George R. R. Martin, Phillip Pullman, Richard Matheson, J.K Rowling (and many, many more) – I always search out the bookstores for them, as I know them, I love them, and sometimes taking a risk on a new author is…well, a risk. It can be tempting to stick to what you know works.

However, I can assure you, reaching out of my comfort zone to read new, up coming books has definitely been worth it. Especially the books of people I’ve had the pleasure to interact with and get to know – such as Evelyn Skye and her wonderful fantasy THE CROWN’S GAME, Stacey Lee with UNDER A PAINTED SKY, CARAVAL by Stephanie Garber, and Kes Trester with DANGEROUS YEAR. There are a hundred more, but to list them all will fill many pages!

There are many hashtags to keep watch of on Twitter (#Pitchwars for one is a great one, as many of these books become published). For now it’s #PitMad, which gives little snippets of ideas.

New books 3

I’d also like to mention a few other books that I know are coming out this year and next, which I’ve had the pleasure to read and absolutely love to their core: Gwen C. Katz with AMONG THE RED STARS, Tomi Adeyemi with CHILDREN OF BLOOD AND BONE, Jessika Fleck with THE OFFERING, and Keely Hutton with SOLDIER BOY.

Now to the giveaway for my readers who are subscribed via email: I will choose three random people, and I’m going to buy and send a copy of any book out of those mentioned in this post for your reading pleasure (kindle or physical copy). Remember though, some of these books haven’t been released yet, but trust me, they are AMAZING. Definitely worth the wait!

For my writer friends subscribing, I’m going to throw in free Twitter Pitch edits, too. This has a maximum limit of 40 people who apply (I’m only one woman after all, and the big event is tomorrow!). I’ll update the post when the 40 mark has been reached. I’ll email you if you win! Delivery times if physical copy may take a few weeks due to my location!

Why am I doing this? Because I love new writers, I love readers, and I want everyone to get the chance to see what might hit our shelves in the next year or two. Sure, some book ideas might not get there, but you’re going to get a sneak peek of what could, before they’ve even been snatched up!

I hope the writers are ready, and I hope you readers dip into the Twitter feed #PitMad to have a glance now and again! And you should all look at Brenda Drake’s website, as she is the creator of this contest, and many more, and her books are all on there, too!

I hope to see you there on the Twitter feed!

Good luck to everyone!

P.S. Before I forget…BLOOD ROSE REBELLION by Rosalyn Eves is fantastic, too!

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