Writing – keeping your head above water

Hey YA Bookcasers!

All right, so in the throes of Pitch Wars and the constant rush that is publishing, I wanted to throw out a few tips about how I keep my head above water when it comes to dealing with all things writing when things seem really tough. Whether it’s a new ms stressing you out, query letters, submissions, a bad review, a disappointing edit, it’s all the same thing: we need to keep swimming. So here are my top five tips:
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  1. Get out of the house. Seriously. I mean it. Turn of the computer. Get out of the building. Sure, watch your fave TV stuff (or as my friend and fellow PWs mentor would say…TB), but you need to get fresh air. Keep busy. It’s easy to start thinking about writing when you’re sat watching TV. Much harder when you’re being active. Even if it’s talking to a friend over coffee, going to a dog training class, a Tango lesson, or you’re out horseback riding (that’d be me), pick something that 100% demands that you focus. Don’t have anything to do? Find something. Come on, we’re all adults here. We know how to find something to do. So stop procrastinating!
  2. Go into the countryside. You might be a city-rat, but it doesn’t matter. Just go somewhere quiet. No noise. No internet. No TV (TB). No interference. And just chill. Even…go for a nap. I go to the beach, lie in the sun…and nap. Or I go swim.
  3. Don’t read for a week or two. Give your brain a break. If all you do is write and read, then how will you fill up your writer’s well? You need fresh input to get fresh output! Go do something. Anything. Live a little!
  4. Why not set goals in something you have a lot of control over? Like I’m going to start learning my Greek more. So, I’ve set myself the goal of watching a Greek TB 😉 program per week. It’s a small goal, but when I achieve it, it’ll make me feel good. So, this keeps me from spiraling down a hole of darkness when things aren’t going as planned when I’m writing.
  5. Scream it out. Yup. Have a scream. Have a cry (hey, I don’t care if you’re a guy). Go dance it out. Whatever. Just get the emotion OUT. Because, let’s be honest, this process doesn’t just make you feel bad at times…it also makes you angry, upset, sad, infuriated, and every other emotion on the spectrum. So why not go to your own space and get all those GRR emotions out!

Okay, so that’s what I’ve got for you today. Now excuse me while I go and find my horse…

Good luck, keep swimming, and remember this is just my advice, and no one else’s!

Talk to you soon x

P.S. Or just stare at this photo of a bird on a pig…what more could you ask for? You’re welcome! Lol


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