My top 3 creepy stories!

Hi YA Bookcasers!

Halloween might be over, and we might be stuffed full of candy, but that doesn’t mean that ghost stories, the supernatural, and the unexplained disappear into the background. On the contrary. It’s hard to let go of those lingering goosebumps. So, I’ve rounded up a my top three creepy stories that will have you tingling with fear way after the holiday season has rounded up its last devil and angel…Audio:


HOUSE OF ASH by Hope Cook. If you haven’t heard of this new release, then you need to scoot on over and pick it up. Now, let’s be honest, if a book’s got a mansion with the name of Gravenhearst, how can the spooky tone not already be set? With a mix of ghosts, strange houses, mental illness, and a girl stuck in the past, it’s certainly worth a look!

DOLL BONES by Holly Black. Okay, seriously, guys. Dolls that talk? That claim to be made of a dead girl’s bones? Umm…this is terrifying already. Especially when it says:

My name is Eleanor Kerchner.
You can call me the Queen.
I died in 1895.
Now it’s time to play.

Let’s be serious, who isn’t freaked out by talking dolls? And play? Uh…

I AM LEGEND by Richard Matheson. This is an old one, but a good one. A lot of you have seen the movie, right? Well, it’s not a patch on the book. Matheson is a master at keeping you glued to the page, even though you fear your heart might stop! Don’t believe me? Just check out the cover and that should be enough to get your heart racing!

There you have it. Three of my top scary reads. They just make me shudder from top to toe. What are you favorite creepy reads?


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