Bring in the New Year!

(Audio at the end of the post!)

Hi YA Bookcasers,

My gosh! 2017 has gone already, and 2018 is on the very near horizon. This is the time of year everyone starts making their resolutions (or resolving not to resolve – oh the irony!). It’s fresh beginnings, positive thinking, and happy spirits for all.

Today, I’m taking a little break from writing about the craft, and I’m going to throw out my 3 resolutions for the year. I’d love to hear yours, too. So let’s begin…

Resolution 1) To be happy with what I write. Simple. I am going to be less critical of myself. I’m going to take constructive criticism from others in the way it’s intended – to help me. I’ll be happy with myself that someone cared enough about my writing to let me know what was and wasn’t working. I’m going to be pleased that I’m on my way to making my work as good as it can be. And I’m going to be happy that I have words on paper and that I’m getting better at what I do one day after the next.

Resolution 2) I’m going to let myself be jealous or envious at times and not beat myself up about it. When I see that big six-figure book deal? Sure, I’m probably going to turn green (unless it’s mine, of course! lol). The feeling is natural. However, don’t begrudge people’s success. Celebrate it with them. But do allow that envy to pass through you. Emotions are meant to be felt, not judged. But let it pass after a while.

Resolution 3) Broaden my focus in life. I am going to write, write, write like I always do. But I’m also not going to get so intensely focused that it takes over my life. I won’t let it be the core determining factor of how I will feel successful or not. Now, I’ll be honest, this is an extremely hard one for me, because writing has been one of the most intensely focused on aspects of my life. I will still work extremely hard, but I’ll also look for my feeling of self-worth outside of writing, too.

I hope you either all have resolutions that will make you happy, or have decided that resolutions just aren’t your thing and that’s what makes you happy. Either way, happiness is the key.

See you in the new year!

Fiona xox

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