3 writing lessons from a horse

Hi YABookcasers!

Last week, I told you how a dog could help break writer’s block. This week, in keeping with the animal theme, I’m going to tell you three of the writing lessons my horse taught me…First of all, this is said horse:

2011 April Roger _ Fiona
My beautiful Roger
  1. Chew on it. Ever seen a horse in a field (of course most of you have)? Well, when they’re thinking, they’re chewing on the grass. So this means two things: 1) the literal idea of having a bite to eat and chilling out can help your mind work through some new ideas, or 2) chew on your idea whatever you’re doing. Think it through and look at different angles. No need to rush. Horses chew on things all day long. Maybe you need to, too.
  2. Be adventurous in your writing. Horses are graceful, they generously allow us to ride them, they perform jumping, dressage, carriage driving, stunts…all kinds of things. The key is, they get out of their comfort zones and try new things. You should think about doing that, too.
  3. Follow the rules, but be prepared to break them, too. Horses have all sorts of rules to follow, whether wild or domesticated. Wild horses have a pecking order in their herd – someone protects, someone’s in charge, someone looks after the youngsters. Domesticated horses have rules, as well – riding nicely, picking up their feet to be cleaned, letting us groom them, no biting or kicking, etc. However, as much as these beautiful animals follow their wild and domestic rules, they’re not afraid to buck (not an intentional pun) the norm. My horse – the breed doesn’t usually jump very high? Mine flies. A horse at the yard is happy to play with some horses, and not the others. What does this mean for you and your writing? Defy expectations. Play with your writing where you want to, and don’t where you don’t. Simple.

There are many more things my animals have taught me, and I take their advice as generously as they give it to me. Here’s hoping I have lots more to learn in the future!

I hope this helps.

See you next post!

Fiona xox

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