How to stop your TBR pile from stressing you out!

Hi YABookcasers!

So, today, I took a look at my TBR and almost fainted. There are 46 books sitting there, and these are only my “must read asap” books. There are dozens and dozens more that I really want to read after those. The problem is, the minute I finish one great book, another 3 are published, and I simply can’t keep up. Which means reading becomes stressful, as I’m trying to hurry, always chasing my tail! So what to do?

I’ve been thinking about this for a little while now. I set myself a “read X amount of books a year/month” challenge. Then I realized I was pressuring myself. Then I considered “put the book down as soon as you lose interest” method. Unfortunately, I’m so entrenched in finishing every book, I just can’t do this. I think it’s because The Life of Pi stunned me at the end, but I’d spent the first half fairly bored, tbh. But that last bit made the book for me. Also, most writers spend years on their craft, so I feel that I should honor that work, even if it’s not quite up my alley.

So what’s a girl to do?

Well, I decided on a new technique. I alternate long and short books. Yup, I literally go by book length. As soon as I finish a hefty book or series, I then skip to a few shorter books. Going back and forth in this way not only helps my brain from getting soggy with so much dense writing, it helps me feel like I’m moving forward on my TBR. If I read 2 or 3 heavy series in, say, 2 months, then I stress that I’ve not caught up on some of the other books I like. However, if I read one chunky series in 3 weeks, then 4 shorter books in 5 weeks, I feel like I’m ahead on my reading. Both the same time period, but an easier way for me to release stress about my TBR. So really, it’s a trick of the mind.

What do you do to make your TBR more manageable?

Until next time!

Fiona xox




2 thoughts on “How to stop your TBR pile from stressing you out!

  1. Brilliant! I’m a total mood reader so TBRs don’t work very well for me (although I have a huge one). It’s so easy to feel a bit burnt out after a long book. I also like adding graphic novels every once in a while to mix things up.

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