TeenPit Class of 2018 Mentor Matches!

So excited to be a part of TeenPit! Looking forward to the revision with a very special mentee!

K. Hopkins Writes

It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for….  Time to announce the mentor matches!

Mentees will receive an email from the submissionsteenpit@gmail email account with a link to a Google permission form. Please make sure a parent or guardian fills out the form not later than March 23, 2018. Watch your email for a welcome email from your new writing mentor!!

Congratulations to:


Maggee B.




Fiona McLaren

Alex M. AUBADE Lyndsay Ely
Bethany S. CAN YOU REPEAT THAT? Ashley D. MacKenzie & Amelia Diane Coombs
Emily A. THE RAT KING Shari Schwarz & Tara Creel
Breeny N. YOU TRULY ASSUMED Erin Foster Hartley
Kalie H. PINKY SWEAR K. Kazul Wolf  & Rosie Thor
Lux C. BLOOD AND BRINE Kerbie Addis
Niko N. THE EVASION THEORY Laurie Dennison
Sidra E. SPECIAL M.K. England
Tina Y. BACK TO THE SHORE Heather Cashman
Danielle P. INTRUDERS OF PROTECTION Amanda Rawson…

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