My favorite book covers…

Hi Ya Bookcasers! I hope that May is treating you well! Today, I want to share with you my favorite five book covers! These are from no particular years; they’re just the ones I like. What are your favorites?SW


The sheer beauty of this cover blows me away. It’s full of atmosphere, tension, and an otherworldliness. A must for me!


It’s the detail of the button on this that does it for me, and how that red stands out so clearly and draws you to the title. And the sense of falling into the unknown.


This cover is so intricate and combines beauty with darkness (the skull). It speaks volumes about what to expect between the pages: complexity and deep layers.


This is just so deliciously creepy. It tells you exactly what you’re in for without saying a word.


This is so vibrant and full of life. As a horse lover, it’s obvious that this one would appeal to me, but I love the imagery of the heart in there, too.

So, what are your favorite book covers?

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