About me!

Hey there! Nice to see you hop over to my “About Me” page! It’s always fun to share with people, and I really hope you feel happy to connect with me through social media so we can chit chat! This is me:

This is me on a good day!

As you’ve no doubt gleaned, my name’s Fiona! Fiona Marie McLaren, to be exact. I’m agented by the wonderful Maura Kye-Casella of Don Congdon Associates (she’s a dream!). I’m also  a full time scriptwriter, with an animated production due out (we’re a touch behind schedule, but we’re catching up!) Release date to be confirmed. I’m also an editor with Cornerstones Literary Consultancy U.S., and I freelance edit. In the past, I’ve interned at two literary agencies, and sold articles and stories to different places. If it has words…I’ve tried it! Lol

I was born in 1981 (don’t count how many years that is, ‘k?), and I’m a Taurus. Some of you might or might not believe in this kind of stuff, but boy if anyone could fulfill the requirements of being a Taurus, it’s me: persistent, fair, enjoys food and life’s indulgences a little too much, loves making solid friends and family connections, and is as stubborn as a…well, Taurus! Woah, am I stubborn! Guess that’s a good quality for an author though, huh?

I live on the sunny island of Cyprus, where I indulge in too much Greek delicacies, wander the countryside, chill on the beach, horse ride, and aim to try everything life can offer! I live with my other half and we actually get on really well (go figure!), and the light of my life is my darling horse Roger, who I’ve had since he was just but little! My angel with four legs. Like the saying goes: some of our friends have to walk on four legs, as their hearts are just too big to be carried on two. He’s the puzzle pieces of my heart:

This is Roger…he is watching out for food!

As for what I write: I’m a Young Adult lover through and through. My interests lie in the speculative range – mainly fantasy of all stripes, supernatural, paranormal, dystopian, and anything that crawls out from under the bed!  However, I don’t exclude other genres from my list of interests. As everyone knows, sometimes an idea can just grab you by the throat and not let go.

All right, let’s play a game. Two out of these ten things aren’t true. Can you guess what they are? Good luck!