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3 reasons you should read these books…

Hi YABookcasers!

First of all, if you’ve not been to my site before, you might have received a popup asking if you’d like to join my newsletter. I hope you do, as there will be lots of goodies and a secret members only forum! If you didn’t receive the popup because you’ve been before, pop me a message and I’ll fix you up.

Okay, with that said, today I’ve picked out three books and given you 3 reasons why I think you should read each… Continue reading 3 reasons you should read these books…

What does magic bring to our lives?

I was reading the other day (The Crown’s Game by Evelyn Skye, which I recommend), and it got me thinking about magic. There is some wonderful magic used in this book, as well as others I’ve read recently, such as Stephanie Garber’s Caraval. And of course, we can’t forget the mega-series Harry Potter. But what is it that magic brings to our lives? Continue reading What does magic bring to our lives?

My top 3 creepy stories!

Hi YA Bookcasers!

Halloween might be over, and we might be stuffed full of candy, but that doesn’t mean that ghost stories, the supernatural, and the unexplained disappear into the background. On the contrary. It’s hard to let go of those lingering goosebumps. So, I’ve rounded up a my top three creepy stories that will have you tingling with fear way after the holiday season has rounded up its last devil and angel… Continue reading My top 3 creepy stories!