How to make a book out of one word

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Hey YABookcasers,

Yup, you read the title right – how to make a book out of one word. Now, I don’t mean write just one word down on the page and bam that’s you done. That would be a very short novel indeed. However, I am talking about a way to get around writer’s block, start off a new book, or give you that spark of inspiration to form a plot twist, sub-plot, or new character. Am I crazy for saying it could be spurred by one word? Read on to see if I am! Continue reading

5 Things that keep your Writing Inspiration Strong

If you’re stuck on how to inspire yourself, then this blog post is a great starting post. Enjoy!

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There are so many things on my idea board at any given time. (Now that sounds amazing! No writer’s block ever!) And yet some ideas and impressions slip away, if I don’t act on them soon enough. At the time the creative spark comes to me, it feels like the next best thing to hit the literary world but some time later, the spark turns to ideas that look like hollow shells, with nothing that can fill them up and out.

If that sounds familiar, here are a few things you could do to keep the inspiration to write healthy and strong.

1. Reinforce your mood

A single piece of writing can have a particular mood. A research based article would have you in a rational frame of mind while poetry might see you whimsical and emotional.

If you are writing a hilarious piece, keep the hilarity alive in your…

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2018 – Where do we go from here?

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Happy New Year and welcome to 2018 my dear friends and YA Bookcasers!

I’m sure we can all agree that 2017 was a big learning curve for us all, regardless of country/culture/color/creed/etc., yes? What we learned will depend on our own individual stories.  And that’s what makes our world have hope and beauty in it – people progressing through their own stories and building, piece by piece, a new narrative into their lives. And I’d like to talk about where we go from here… Continue reading

Bring in the New Year!

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Hi YA Bookcasers,

My gosh! 2017 has gone already, and 2018 is on the very near horizon. This is the time of year everyone starts making their resolutions (or resolving not to resolve – oh the irony!). It’s fresh beginnings, positive thinking, and happy spirits for all.

Today, I’m taking a little break from writing about the craft, and I’m going to throw out my 3 resolutions for the year. I’d love to hear yours, too. So let’s begin… Continue reading

Happy holidays!

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Hi YA Bookcasers!

Happy holidays to everyone who celebrates at this time of year, and happy days to those who don’t.

I’d like to touch on something I think a lot of writers don’t do: give themselves a break. We can be so busy beating ourselves up about what we’ve not achieved that we forget to celebrate what we have achieved. And if we think we’ve achieved nothing? We’ve written. We’ve plotted. Created. But more than that… Continue reading

Confident writing

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Hey YA Bookcasers,

We all know how anxiety-ridden the world of writing can be. As soon as you shove your work out into the query trenches, on sub, upload to self-publish, send to Betas or critique partners, you’re basically throwing a piece of yourself out there to be either accepted or rejected. But guess what? That’s okay. You know why? Continue reading

What does magic bring to our lives?

I was reading the other day (The Crown’s Game by Evelyn Skye, which I recommend), and it got me thinking about magic. There is some wonderful magic used in this book, as well as others I’ve read recently, such as Stephanie Garber’s Caraval. And of course, we can’t forget the mega-series Harry Potter. But what is it that magic brings to our lives? Continue reading

My top 3 creepy stories!

Hi YA Bookcasers!

Halloween might be over, and we might be stuffed full of candy, but that doesn’t mean that ghost stories, the supernatural, and the unexplained disappear into the background. On the contrary. It’s hard to let go of those lingering goosebumps. So, I’ve rounded up a my top three creepy stories that will have you tingling with fear way after the holiday season has rounded up its last devil and angel… Continue reading