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Life outside the writing

Hi YA Bookcasers,

In April, I was on a little blogging hiatus. For all the great reasons – flying to the UK for my dad’s 70th birthday (we all chipped in and he’s flying to Vienna to see his favorite singer perform!). Buying my wedding dress (it wasn’t quite the one I thought I’d get (close though), but I fell in love…then I discovered it was on 70% sale! What a piece of luck!). Brainstorming my new W.I.P, spending time with my amazing family, and catching up on the non-writing parts of life. And that’s what I’d like to talk about today…life outside of writing, for both you and me. So let’s get started. Continue reading Life outside the writing

Epilepsy & osteoarthritis: depression, anxiety, or ego?

Hi YABookcasers,

I don’t often touch on my personal life through the blog. Sometimes I mention my epilepsy as it’s an important topic to me. Sometimes I talk about my horses and dogs. A few people who know me know I have early-onset osteoarthritis. Today, I felt the need to discuss the difference between depression, anxiety, and ego in relation to medical conditions. Continue reading Epilepsy & osteoarthritis: depression, anxiety, or ego?